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Private Residence – Mt. Airy, MD

Prior to the investigation, the homeowners told us they were having electrical disturbances, seeing black shadows, and hearing voices (one saying “Mommy”) and were feeling unnerved by who they called the “Black Shadowman”.  During the investigation, one of the specific claims was their child’s light up shoes would light up on their own.  Using the K-2 meter, we asked several questions and received positive results (lights on the K-2) indicating the spirit was a child and liked playing with the shoes.  Also, there appeared to be an adult female spirit present indicating they both protect those living in the home.   They indicated they were afraid of someone/something in the house.  Also on our recorder, we obtained an EVP of a “whistling or musical” sound.  In the master bedroom claims of seeing strange shadows on the ceiling and feeling watched.  At the start, we had batteries drain which is considered an element of a spirit presence.  We performed the flashlight on/off response protocol asking yes/no questions (Yes-Flashlight On, No-Keep Light Off).  Based upon the questions & responses, via the flashlight, there was a male presence who had lived in the 1950’s timeframe and wasn’t a very pleasant person during his lifetime.  Our investigators sternly told the male spirit to leave the residence and provided the homeowners with instructions on how to sage their home or call us and we’d be glad to take care of it for them.  A very interesting investigation!

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