Avondale โ€“ Westminster, MD

Avondale was built by Legh Master around 1765 & was also known as Avondale House &/or Furnace Hills.  Old Line Paranormal (OLP) performed a paranormal investigation, in late February.  Using our K-2 Meters, EMF Detectors, Digital & Infrared Video Cameras, Digital Cameras, Thermometers, & Electronic Audio Recorders, (6) of our investigators explored the location for several hours.  

In the Master Bedroom our video camera filmed our K-2 Meters lighting up in responses to questions.  Given the lighted answers, we determined we were communicating with a female slave, over 40, who had lived at Avondale as a housekeeper during the civil war.  She passed away in the home and liked the current owners.  Another team used the on/off flashlight method.  They determined they were communicating with a female child who lived in the home and was there with her Mother.  Our Medium, knowing nothing about the location, felt a young female in a white dress in the room.

In one of the spare bedrooms, we captured a voice on our digital video recorder, however we are unable to decipher what it is saying.  Our Medium also felt an older man on the bed telling her this was his bedroom and he was either waiting for 2 people from Georgia or going to Georgia to meet with 2 people.  He communicated this was his bedroom and she said he was wearing a hat.  The room also got very cold on the side where the spirit was sitting.  Out of the blue, the Medium says the word “Master”.  Having not known about the location, did the Medium pick up on Legh Master, or another man who had been called Master because he was a slave owner?

In the original kitchen, now being used as a den, there was a large temperature drop from 63 degrees to 50 degrees.  On our audio digital recorder water dripping & knock noises were captured.  Our Medium felt this was a good place and saw people cooking at the fireplace stove and a large table in the room.

In the Office/Front Room our investigators captured a click & thump sound & a footstep on their audio digital recorder.

In the Canopy Bedroom, in 2 separate locations within the room, we captured a very large Orb.  We also captured an Orb in the Master Bedroom.

It was a fantastic investigation and we thank the owners & the spirits for allowing us into their home!  Attached are the various recordings, video & digital pictures.  There’s also a lot of information about the location online – do some searches and learn more about Avondale!




Local Chapel Circa 1882 - Frederick, MD 

We had the opportunity to investigate a local framed rural chapel in June 2017.  It was built in 1882 with German siding and the front foyer was added in the early 20th century.  Although our Ghost Box session didn’t result in anything discernable, we did obtain EVPs of some distinct clicking noises in response to some of our questions.  While asking a series of question, our Mel Meter’s lights lit up and sounded for 3 different questions.  We didn’t determine details about the spirit(s) that may have been in the chapel with us; but obtaining the evidence was worth the effort.

EVP Session to you tube, be sure to click the back arrow to return


Private Residence โ€“ Mt. Airy, MD

Prior to the investigation, the homeowners told us they were having electrical disturbances, seeing black shadows, and hearing voices (one saying “Mommy”) and were feeling unnerved by who they called the “Black Shadowman”.  During the investigation, one of the specific claims was their child’s light up shoes would light up on their own.  Using the K-2 meter, we asked several questions and received positive results (lights on the K-2) indicating the spirit was a child and liked playing with the shoes.  Also, there appeared to be an adult female spirit present indicating they both protect those living in the home.   They indicated they were afraid of someone/something in the house.  Also on our recorder, we obtained an EVP of a “whistling or musical” sound.  In the master bedroom claims of seeing strange shadows on the ceiling and feeling watched.  At the start, we had batteries drain which is considered an element of a spirit presence.  We performed the flashlight on/off response protocol asking yes/no questions (Yes-Flashlight On, No-Keep Light Off).  Based upon the questions & responses, via the flashlight, there was a male presence who had lived in the 1950’s timeframe and wasn’t a very pleasant person during his lifetime.  Our investigators sternly told the male spirit to leave the residence and provided the homeowners with instructions on how to sage their home or call us and we’d be glad to take care of it for them.  A very interesting investigation!


Sachs Bridge โ€“ Gettysburg, PA

Sachs bridge played a part in the Civil War when the Confederate Army used it to withdraw from Gettysburg. It’s called a Town Truss bridge due to its lattice design. It crosses the Marsh Creek between the Cumberland & Freedom townships in PA. As of 1938 it was designated as one of PA’s most historic bridges.
It and its nearby trails are said to be haunted. Legend has it that 3 Confederate soldiers were hung on the bridge either for deserting or for being spies (2 different stories). Folks have also reported smelling General Lee’s pipe smoke, seeing a filmy dark figure that is half human and half beast, various apparitions, voice phenomena, & strange fogs.
Our Old Line Paranormal investigators occasionally go on excursions to the bridge to do investigations. It’s definitely an eerie place surrounded by woods and very dark except for when the moon is out. We haven’t had any experiences on the bridge; however, one of our investigators did have an experience on one of the paths by the bridge. Here’s our investigators story…………
Our investigators were all together, in the woods, on a path near the bridge. One of our investigators decided to go it “ALONE” down an off-shoot path. She took a few steps and a low to the ground shifting blackness (but it wasn’t fog), that was waist high, rose out of the path/shrubs and crossed her path and disappeared into the hedge. It moved over the ground but didn’t touch the ground. It wasn’t an animal and she felt an overwhelming sense of darkness/evil. As you can imagine that was enough for one night. What was it? We don’t know; but it’s definitely a story to keep in mind when we go back for another investigation!
Sachs bridge is a cool place to go, not only for the history; but for the legends of hauntings/sightings. Be aware, though, it can be very crowded with paranormal investigators, legend seekers and other tourists at all hours of the day & night – a little less so in the cold months.


German Cabin Circa 1802 - Frederick, MD 

In May of 2015, three of our members investigated an early German 2-Floor cabin built in 1802 known to have been used as a cannery, a blacksmith operation, home and now a guest house. It would have also been amidst the Monocacy Civil War skirmish. At one time, said to have housed 14 adults some of which were indentured servants/slaves. The current owner had found bones in the wall but whether they were human couldn’t be confirmed. The original reason for the investigation was a purple hue/light that would appear in pictures the owner would take while inside the cabin. During the investigation, we were able to de-bunk the purple hue/lights are from her IPAD’s Retina Display and provided some solutions to the owner – not paranormal. What we did have happen on multiple occasions, is our flashlight(s) would turn/on & off per our instructions to any spirit that may be present. Also during these flashlight sessions, our K-2 meters and MEL meter would go off/light up. Cold spots were felt, noises heard, movement felt and the cabin’s front door was found to be wide open when we returned to the first floor from upstairs. We couldn’t prove why the front door was open or how it opened. It appears there may be an intelligent spirit in the cabin/on the property; but it was not malicious or requiring concern. We hope to investigate the location again in the future that will produce more evidence or concur with what we already had happen.



We had the opportunity to investigate this early German 2-Floor cabin again this past June 2017. We obtained some EVPs of thumps & clicks after some questions were asked. When we asked any spirit if they remembered us from our last visit, our K-2’s meter lights went off & sounded. While upstairs, the investigator stated we were aware that slaves had been at this location, and we received a vocal response. We think the voice says “caught”; but being subjective we can’t be sure. Click on this link to see a video clip, use your back arrow to return to this page... Cabin. We enjoy investigating this location and have been welcomed back anytime.

EVP "Caught"


Private Residence - Cumberland, MD

“It All Started With An EVP!”
A family living in a 1900 two-story home, experiencing odd happenings in the home, decided to perform an EVP session after watching the movie “White Noise”.  An EVP, captured by a person alone in the home, saying what they think sounds like “Lena”. (Go to recording below) We are hearing other sounds.  You will have to decide for yourself.  The family also reported:  Hearing footsteps with no one in those areas of the house (some so loud it keeps them up at night), seeing an apparition of a little girl, items disappearing from & reappearing in the same place, hearing something being dragged across the upstairs floor, seeing a dark shadow/apparition, and having the feeling that something is in the room with them/feeling of lightly being touched.  One daughter won’t sleep in her bedroom and has since moved to another bedroom.  The family has experienced these occurrences since moving in around 2003 and interestingly enough they’ve been renovating since moving into the home.  The OLP team, using digital recorders, EMF/K-2 detectors, temperature gauges, video cameras, special lights, and our ghost box did capture a couple of weird sounds and some knocking sounds, during the investigation.  Investigators performed the flashlight test where something was asked to turn on the flashlight if there was a spirit in the room…it turned on…asked to turn the flashlight back turned off...asked to turn the flashlight on if it was a child…it turned on...asked to turn the flashlight on if it was a girl…it turned on.  Multiple investigators, while in the bedroom no longer occupied, experienced strange and strong smells of rubbing alcohol and formaldehyde that moved around the room with them and became stronger or lessened upon request.
Although the team had some personal experiences and captured some knocks and other sounds, we agreed there wasn’t anything definitive or astounding that occurred to conclude the family is experiencing paranormal activity.  We asked the family to keep a log of future occurrences and we’ll be happy to do another investigation if they need us.  Spirits don’t always show themselves just because we are there to do an investigation. To hear the EVP click on the link below.....

Client EVP


The Old Lisbon Post Office, MD

We investigated what used to be the Lisbon Post Office building (originally established March 9, 1815) which shared the space with a waffle business in the back of the building. The paranormal experiences were reported to us by friends who had worked for the waffle business and include:  Things being moved to other locations in the building, seeing a figure in the upstairs portion of the building, and feeling very uncomfortable in the dirt cellar.  Five members of Old Line Paranormal performed an investigation for about 2-3 hours.  Since the building’s owner rents the top portion of the building, we only had access to the previous post office and waffle business portions of the building.  Using our digital recorders, EMF detectors, and the Ovulus we attempted to reach the spirit(s) that may have been at this location.  After reviewing the data collected and discussing our personal experiences, it was determined we found nothing definitive the location is experiencing any paranormal activity.  That’s doesn’t mean things don’t happen; but means the possible spirit(s) weren’t interested in letting us know they were there.


Ford Residence - Westminster, MD

We received an urgent request from the Ford family because their 2-year old son kept telling them he sees a scary man with red eyes, white legs, and won’t talk to him but does, on occasion, sing the ABC’s to him.  Although children can have wild imaginations, the parents said this was something their son wouldn’t make up.  Their son also started asking about “death” which isn’t typical for a 2-year old.  The father also mentioned he had had a paranormal experience in a room downstairs. Five of our investigators performed an investigation for approximately 4 hours.  We noticed our K2 meters responding to questions and the Ovulus saying the same words during 2 separate sessions.  One thing we did find were large EMF readings in the corner of their son’s room where his crib was located.  We reported back to the Ford family some of the odd noises we captured on our digital recorders but nothing really definitive to say for sure there was a spirit in their home.  We did explain what can occur with high EMF being so close to their son when he sleeps and suggested they move his crib to another location within the room.  Since moving their son’s crib, he has not experienced any further paranormal activity.  We are so happy we could help this family and their son.


South Pittsburg Hospital - TN

We investigated Old South Pittsburg Hospital in South Pittsburg, TN on June 16th and 17th.  We spent Saturday and Sunday night and left Monday morning. 

This was a great trip!! 



Monocacy Crossing Restaurant - Urbana, MD

On May 7th 2012, our team investigated the Monocacy Crossing restaurant in Urbana, Maryland.  We had some interesting experiences.  Some things could be explained , while others could not.  There were one or two items that "spoke" for themselves!

The restaurant has three major public rooms which are two dining rooms and a bar area.  While in the smaller dining room (where patrons have been reported seeing Civil War re-enactors to wait staff when there were none), two investigators Sharon and Tiffany were in the room alone when Sharon made a comment about her camera.  The response heard on the recording (see below) was not heard the night of the investigation.  Other things that were found were cold  spots, shuffling noises and a few moans.  In the attic a laugh was heard when Ken made a request that we be touched so as to know if "someone was there".  

The basement also provided for interesting investigation. There were temperature differences in short distances and one investigator had a feeling of hair being touched. 

No other paranormal data was collected. We hope to return and try again.