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Private Residence - Cumberland, MD

“It All Started With An EVP!”
A family living in a 1900 two-story home, experiencing odd happenings in the home, decided to perform an EVP session after watching the movie “White Noise”.  An EVP, captured by a person alone in the home, saying what they think sounds like “Lena”. (Go to recording below) We are hearing other sounds.  You will have to decide for yourself.  The family also reported:  Hearing footsteps with no one in those areas of the house (some so loud it keeps them up at night), seeing an apparition of a little girl, items disappearing from & reappearing in the same place, hearing something being dragged across the upstairs floor, seeing a dark shadow/apparition, and having the feeling that something is in the room with them/feeling of lightly being touched.  One daughter won’t sleep in her bedroom and has since moved to another bedroom.  The family has experienced these occurrences since moving in around 2003 and interestingly enough they’ve been renovating since moving into the home.  The OLP team, using digital recorders, EMF/K-2 detectors, temperature gauges, video cameras, special lights, and our ghost box did capture a couple of weird sounds and some knocking sounds, during the investigation.  Investigators performed the flashlight test where something was asked to turn on the flashlight if there was a spirit in the room…it turned on…asked to turn the flashlight back off...it turned off...asked to turn the flashlight on if it was a child…it turned on...asked to turn the flashlight on if it was a girl…it turned on.  Multiple investigators, while in the bedroom no longer occupied, experienced strange and strong smells of rubbing alcohol and formaldehyde that moved around the room with them and became stronger or lessened upon request.
Although the team had some personal experiences and captured some knocks and other sounds, we agreed there wasn’t anything definitive or astounding that occurred to conclude the family is experiencing paranormal activity.  We asked the family to keep a log of future occurrences and we’ll be happy to do another investigation if they need us.  Spirits don’t always show themselves just because we are there to do an investigation. To hear the EVP click on the link below.....

Client EVP

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