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Avondale – Westminster, MD

Avondale was built by Legh Master around 1765 & was also known as Avondale House &/or Furnace Hills.  Old Line Paranormal (OLP) performed a paranormal investigation, in late February.  Using our K-2 Meters, EMF Detectors, Digital & Infrared Video Cameras, Digital Cameras, Thermometers, & Electronic Audio Recorders, (6) of our investigators explored the location for several hours.  

In the Master Bedroom our video camera filmed our K-2 Meters lighting up in responses to questions.  Given the lighted answers, we determined we were communicating with a female slave, over 40, who had lived at Avondale as a housekeeper during the civil war.  She passed away in the home and liked the current owners.  Another team used the on/off flashlight method.  They determined they were communicating with a female child who lived in the home and was there with her Mother.  Our Medium, knowing nothing about the location, felt a young female in a white dress in the room.

In one of the spare bedrooms, we captured a voice on our digital video recorder, however we are unable to decipher what it is saying.  Our Medium also felt an older man on the bed telling her this was his bedroom and he was either waiting for 2 people from Georgia or going to Georgia to meet with 2 people.  He communicated this was his bedroom and she said he was wearing a hat.  The room also got very cold on the side where the spirit was sitting.  Out of the blue, the Medium says the word “Master”.  Having not known about the location, did the Medium pick up on Legh Master, or another man who had been called Master because he was a slave owner?

In the original kitchen, now being used as a den, there was a large temperature drop from 63 degrees to 50 degrees.  On our audio digital recorder water dripping & knock noises were captured.  Our Medium felt this was a good place and saw people cooking at the fireplace stove and a large table in the room.

In the Office/Front Room our investigators captured a click & thump sound & a footstep on their audio digital recorder.

In the Canopy Bedroom, in 2 separate locations within the room, we captured a very large Orb.  We also captured an Orb in the Master Bedroom.

It was a fantastic investigation and we thank the owners & the spirits for allowing us into their home!  Attached are the various recordings, video & digital pictures.  There’s also a lot of information about the location online – do some searches and learn more about Avondale!



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