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I have had multiple experiences over the past 3 years. They are all related to an early 1900s house... I was out in the fenced-in back yard pulling weeds. There was no one else home and the front door was locked so it really startled me. I heard a voice say "hello." I saw a man with a blue shirt and dark blue pants and a hat. He was standing in the back doorway. He smiled and waved at me. I thought he was a real person, but was wondering how he got in the house. When I approached, he disappeared. About a year and a half later, I was in the kitchen and saw a tall thin man with white hair and a white tank top walking through the hallway. He was looking in my direction as if I startled him or confused him but he turned and went down in the basement. I didn't feel anything negative from either of them. The next experience, however was different. In the backyard, I had a very sick feeling come over me and I felt like I wasn't alone. I asked who it was and it seemed to show me a photograph in my head of a man in civil war uniform and I heard the name,Tyndall in my head and I got the feeling he was not a nice man at all. I told it that time was long past and it should go away. Then, more recently, right on that same spot in the back yard,we had to dig for the sewer pipe that was full of roots. I tripped near the hole on a digging bar or something and caught myself, I thought. Then, even though I had straightened myself out and my feet were both planted solidly, I felt as though something pushed me from behind and I fell in the hole. It really felt like a hand on my back giving me a shove and I tried to fight it but I couldn't. I got bruised up pretty bad. I have been staying away from that house most of the time since then.

October 6, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterLill