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My story starts when my mom, my stepdad, and i moved into my stepdads childhood home when i was around 2 or 3 years old. The house was built back in the civil war and was a trading post where you could bring in things such as bread and trade for eggs. They also hid runaway soldiers in the basement. The majority of the occupents that lived in the house were buried no more than a football field away in a fenced in graveyard. A lot of the graves were from the 1800s. Ever since i was a child i have never liked that house. The begining of my ghost sitings were an old woman and a little girl that would just stand in my doorway and stare at me for hours. They never would talk or come in my room, they would just stare. After a couple months, what looked to be a soldier came and took them and i never saw them again. My parents room was right beside mine upstairs and every morning my stepdad would swear that i was pounding on walls and drilling things in my room at night. I wasnt. A few years later when i was about 14 years old my parents moved to the downstaira room so i took their room since it was bigger. Thats when the majority of my problems started. I had a friend over one day and she was sitting on my bed across the room and i was standing at the doorway and the hall light turned itself off. I have alwaya been afraid of the dark and am still afraid of it. Whatever it was that was messing with me possesed me. More than once. I have NEVER sleep walked in my entire life until that night. It was like i was watching myself from above walk downstairs and into the bathroom and just stare into the mirror. It was about 3am when this occured and i didnt come to until my mom came into the bathroom and it was like i just snapped back. It wasnt but a few nights after that, that it got worse. I was laying in my room getting ready to go to sleep. My tv was kinda in the middle of the room so there was kind of a shadow on the rest of the room. I kept feeling really uneasy and like i wasnt alone and i looked over to the corner od my room and there was a black mass just hovering there. I tried to just tell myself that it was my imagimation and i just turned over and went to sleep. The next morning when i woke up and pulled the covers off to get out of bed on my thigh was a huge red handprint that had very long fingers and the tip of the middle finger was bent. I dont remember touching a single step on my way down the stairs to get my mom. My mom made me pack my room up and switch her rooms and told me that i was never sleeping upstairs again. Switching rooms didnt make it any better because then i was downstairs by myself. I spent countless nights awake listening to dishes clang in the kitchen by themselves and scratching on my door. I usually left my door open but my stepdad wasnt the greatest person and would turn the living room lamp off just to scare me. So i got up at about 3am, the usual time that something woke me up and shut my door, turned my lamp on, and turned my tv back on. I rolled over in my bed and at the end off my bed was my mom, not wearing what she was wearing when she went to bed, telling me how smart i was for turning the light on. I quickly threw the covers over my head and made myself go back to sleep. My real dad had taken me on a family trip with him to the baltimore aqarium and we took a tour bus to get there. My dads family and i werent very close so i sat by myself and was watching out the window. I happened to notice at first what looked like a smudge on the glass quickly turned into the face of a demon, broad daylight. I saw the razor sharp teeth with a grin, the dog looking skin and the dark black eyes. Its like all i could do was stare and i got very cold. When i could finally move from fear i asked my dad if he had seen anything and he saw nothing. It stayed on the glass the entire trip there. Also at my dads house i had went to bed one night and when my dad came to check on me he cracked my door a bit and i woke up and looked behind the door and saw a black mass with 2 red glowing eyes staring at me. I once again put the covers over my head and went back sleep. At this time i was around 16 years old. I was with my mom and we had just got home from shopping at friends came over so while everyone was outside i decided to go ahead and put my bags on my room. As soon as i got into my doorway my mirror that sits on top of my dresser came up and fell over right in front of me just missing me by a couple inches. I ran outside to get my mom and when we came back in and looked nothing on my dresser that was in front of the mirror had moved so something had to od purposely picked it up and thrown it at me. After big things the activity quiets down for a while. A little after i turned 23 my bf and i had to stay at my moms house for a while due to some financial hardship. We stayed there for about a week in my old room and everything was fine. The second week it was horrible. It started with just little scratching noises and things being misplaced or finding things in a different area then u left them. The final night we stayed there it was around 3 am when my bf shook me awake, there was something wet on my face and when i looked it was blood and it wasnt coming from anywhere
My bf said that he heard loud baging in the living room but he looked and there was no one there. So we sat there for a few minutes and sure enough the lous banging started again and startled my bf so he quickly shut my bedroom door and as soon as we did something started scratching at my bedroom window. At this point my bf was freaking out and i told him to calm down and ignore it and it would go away. After about half an hour it stopped. It was the day after that i found out i was pregnant. So fast foward to today, i have 2 children. A 21 month old and a 6 month old. I am a stay at home mom and my bf works nights so the children and i are at home alone all night. I still have both of my children in my room with me bc i am scared to death of moving them. Last night was the first night i let my 21 month old sleep in his own room and within 2 hours random toys started going off so i moved my child back into my room. I am so scared that my children are going to be affected by this. I havent had any big things happen in a while, just little things. I still to this day have to sleep with lights and a tv on and stare at hallways praying that nothing else happens.

March 19, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterBrittany.

Brittany, I am sorry that you have to live in fear. You may want to get someone to clear your house. Feel free to fill out our form if you would like us to investigate. You deserve to live without fear. We might be able to at least identify what is going on. However, we dont really deal with things demonic or posessions.

April 21, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterOld Line Paranormal