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My family moved into this home about 10 years ago. Strangely the home had key locking deadbolts on all bedroom doors which we found to be very strange. We also were told there was a hidden room in the basement. We would hear things but did not make too much of it. One day our neighbor came to us and said " Did you know about the previous owner?" Of course we were intrigued. They then advised us of the fact that they had foster children and the owner was on the registry due to sexually abusing them. That soured us and we replaced all the doors and eventually finished the upstairs. We would see shadows in one room that used to be the dining room and one night I actually walked through a cold shadow standing in a entranceway. I was scared but wanted to show I was not afraid.
I decided to get into miniature collecting and starting. Ringing a lot of estate art items into the house. I then started noticing more activity including a heavy wind that blew my hair back in a closed area upstairs and several instances of feeling goose bumps or someone walking by me. I ended up moving my miniatures and office downstairs where I had 2 separate instances where JUST the room where the miniatures are would stink so much that I could not go in the room. I looked everywhere for the sources of the smell which could not be smelled anywhere but in that room. My son became ill with cancer and the strange shadows increased and the area became very oppressive. One day I went into the room and started yelling that whoever was here needs to leave immediately because they are not welcome. I am currently hearing heavy footsteps on the floor above me when I am the only person home. I would sincerely appreciate someone contacting me. I don't feel afraid and I know I am more sensitive than others to things but SO MUCH has happened that I feel it is well worth investigating.

August 20, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterJulie