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I wanted OLP to tell us that we weren't crazy or imagining things. When I looked back over the journal I'd been keeping of the strange events, noises and unexplainable videos and pictures we had noted over the last 7 years, I was astounded. The dog being pushed off the sofa at night in our bedroom, landing hard on the floor-sometimes several times throughout the night. The bedroom door opening periodically by itself. My bed sheet being yanked once when my back was turned toward the door. A child's voice in my ear. Hanging pots being gently touched to ring quietly. Footsteps on all floors of the home heard when each of us was alone in the house. The creepy feeling in our guest bedroom whenever we entered it. Various family members seeing a shadow figure at different times. Slowly moving black shadows on our ceiling. Erratic moving orbs throughout the house. This is a newly built home on undeveloped land. No reason for these things to be happening? Guess again.
OLP performed an investigation and concluded that we were not crazy. There could be attachment involved. Attachment to antiques and objects that I had purchased. Attachments to us from our travels and from places that were "known for paranormal activity". Beware what you ask for when you visit haunted places, speak to spirits, capture them in images or expose yourself to the possibility you might get followed home. Ask for protection from God and for the spirits to leave you alone. Do not investigate your own home. Get outside help. Be pure of heart and full of light. If you encounter darkness-seek help. We have never been harmed in our home.We feel safe, as such, even though we are uneasy from time to time. The moral of my Ghost Story is to be aware of what you are doing when you go hunting or investigating. Intentionally or unintentionally, you may be bringing a guest or two home to stay with you.

October 30, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterSP

Well said and good advice. Keep positive light in and around you. Thanks for posting!

December 20, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterGD